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 Sealyham Terrier Club Championship Show 2018

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Photos © Len Bettis


      Mr Barry Day        (Risepark)

          16 April 2018

        BEST OF BREED : 
     Ch Eleighwater Alfio 


               Dog CC :

     Ch Eleighwater Alfio

            Res Dog CC :

     Nomis Naughty Boy

           Bitch CC:

Jacott Jubilee Queen ShCM

          Res Bitch CC :

      Eleighwater Allegra

           Best Puppy:
      Zippor Miss Fairy            Footsteps

Minor Puppy Dog(1/0)


1.Smith's,Dudwell Hickory Higgings.

A typey  puppy moving with drive. Pleasing head  and expression, good flow of neck into a firm topline. Well ribbed body with nice tight elbows. Pleasing rear angulation with something behind the tail. Presented in a good harsh jacket.

Puppy Dog(3/0)

Jone's & Bull's, Olstable Bucky Barnes.

A nicely balanced puppy with pleasing head & eye. Good neckline and topline with pleasing rear angulation. In a good jacket , he moved well, particularly well behind.BPD

2.Wannacott's,Jaycott Dancers Welsh Wizzard

A generous puppy making an impressive outline but not really behaving himself today.Pleasing head and bone yet to fully drop and not quite the front of 1.Pleasing angulation and neat in hock, he was presented in a good jacket.

3.Jones &Bulls, Olstable Bruce Banner.

Junior Dog (1/0)

1.Bettis&Mays, Dudwell German Gambler Gandalf by Ornella

A sound moving, typey dog with masculine head and neat ears. Lovely body& bone. Good neckline and topline with pleasing rear angulation and plenty behind his tail. Neat in hock, he was presented in a good jacket and showed well.

MaidenDog N/E

Novice Dog (1/0)

1.Preston's,Eleighwater Alibrando

A typey dog with a masculine head and nice ears. He pleased in neckline, topline, body and bone. I would have preferred just a shade more rear angulation and tidier front movement. Good coat texture.

Post Graduate (2/1)


Maiden Dog N/E

Limit Dog (2/0)

1.Lewis, Nomis Naughty Boy.

A quality dog making a good typey outline. Good head and expression, lovely body and bone with a nice flow of neck into a good, firm topline. Well set tail, correctly carried and pleasing angulation with good quarters and plenty behind his tail. He moved well. RCC


Open Dog (2/1)

A typey, sound moving dog that commanded the eye. Good, clean head with a strong foreface, good expression and well placed ears. Lovely flow of neck, through well placed shoulders, into a strong level topline. Deep, well ribbed body with good rear angulation, strong buttocks and well let down hocks.Beautifully presented in a good harsh coat, he really powered round the ring with excellent drive. Yes, I would have preferred a little less of him but he was the closet to the breed standard on the day so was pleased to award him DCC & BIS.

Minor Puppy Bitch N/E

Puppy Bitch (2/0)

1. Lee's Zippor Miss Fairy Footsteps

An exquisitely balanced bitch with good head and eye. Lovely deep, well coupled body with a firm, level topline.Nicely angulated rear with plenty behind the tail and well let down hocks. Presented in a good jacket, she moved well but could have made so much more of herself. I loved her and will watch her show career  with interest. BPIS.

2.Jones', Jaycott Dancers Welsh Beauty

A pretty headed bitch with lovely flow of neck into a good topline. Pleasing for body and with a good backside and presented in good coat. Not quite the front construction or rear angulation of 1, she moved true behind and Ok in front.

Junior Bitch(3/0)

1. Resize-Dundas, Firstwish Ara.

A typey bitch with a pleasing head and expression. Good, deep , well ribbed body with a pleasing neckline and topline. Well developed quarters with  neat hocks, she was in a good jacket and moved well.

2. Smith's, Dudwell Golden Girl Gwenny at Grevenia

Another typey bitch that made a pleasing outline. Good for neckline, topline & set on. Decent rear angulation and quarters. She also moved quite well but not quite the head of 1.

3. Parker's ,White Capisla Tifflintime

Maiden Bitch (1/0)

1. J.D. Welsh Beauty

Novice Bitch(1/0)

1. J.D Welsh Beauty

Post Graduate Bitch (3/0)

1. Winsley's, Eleighwater Allegra

A lovely headed bitch with good eye and neat ears. A decent front and a super, well ribbed body with lovely bone and a pleasing flow of neck into a good level topline. Nicely angulated rear with quarters that exuded power and so it was no surprise to see her move with reach and drive. Good coat texture but a close shave of the neck spoilt the outline a shade. Considered alongside the Veteran winner for RCC where this one scored in front and so was pleased to award her RCC.

2. Bettis & May's, Ornella In Vogue

A pretty, compact, typey bitch with a good , well coupled body and pleasing neckline and topline. Well set tail with plenty behind it and presented in a good jacket. Not quite the head or rear angulation of 1.

3. Resize-Dundas', First Wish Blossom Hill.

Limit Bitch (5/2)

Two nice bitches in this class, with little between them. However, whilst experience tells me that exhibits are made to look their best when stood by their handler, on this occasion two exhibits were stood with a noticeable dip in their towlines, that transformed into perfection on the move.

1. James', Bloomendal Cookies"N"Cream

Good in head and expression with a deep, well coupled body. Nicely angulated rear, with well developed quarters and well let down hocks. She had super coat texture and moved well.

2. Jones & Bull's, Ornella Idaknow

A typey bitch presented in good ,hard condition. Good head and expression lovely well coupled body with super quarters. Shared many of the attributes of 1 but not quite the bone and not quite as precise on the out and back.

3. Trezise-Dundas", Cibach Carys At Firstwish

Open Bitch (2/0)

1. Wonnacott's, Jacott Jubilee Queen ShCM

 A well presented bitch of good type and moving soundly.Pleasing head and expression with good pigment. Deep well ribbed body with good bone and a pleasing neckline and topline, nicely angulated with well developed quarters and rear hocks. Good coat texture, she showed well and I was pleased to award her what I was told is her 3rd CC &RBIS.

Veteran Bitch (2/0)

1. Wonnacott's Ch Jaycott Joy Bells

A quality bitch making a lovely balanced outline. Good head and expression with pleasing pigment. Lovely body and bone  with a pleasing neckline, good topline, nicely angulated rear with a lovely big backside. Presented in a good jacket, she moved very well behind bit I were have preferred her little better in front.

2. Tresize-Dunda's Cibach Cheeky Chops at Firstwish

A pretty headed bitch, perhaps a shade tight with her bite and I would have preferred a stronger undertow. Nicely ribbed but could perhaps be a little shorter in loin. Pleasing neckline and topline. Well developed quarters but I would have preferred a shade more rear angulation. Ok for coat, she moved well.

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