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Sealyham Terrier Club
Open Show 2023

    Mr. Mick Oxley

     24th September                  2023

BEST OF BREED:         
Mrs C Bell:Ch Zippor Sleepy Sappireson at Letara

        Best Dog :
Mrs C Bell: Ch Zippor Sleepy Sappireson at Letara
      Res Dog  :  
Mrs M Evans : Ch Nileda Our Mutual Friend

         Best Bitch  :  
Mr L & D Bettis : Ch Nunneley Hopscotch Over Ornella JW

      Res Bitch :
 Wonnacott, Ch Jacott Sunshine

       Best Puppy :
Mr A & Mrs J Moakes Whooperhill Sleepinbeauty of Jomoaka

       Best Veteran:
Mrs M Evans : Ch Nileda Great Expectations ShCM

Best Junior Handler:
  Aneira Challenger

I would like to thank the officers and committee for inviting me to judge at this prestigious show

and the warm and friendly atmosphere from members and exhibitors. It was a pleasure to get my

hands on so many quality Sealyham Terriers.

           PD (1,0)

 1. Ms S Pawson & Mr E Mantle : Gelodnea Dylan – He still has lots of maturing to do and has a lot of promise, good for size and shape, his head is masculine, has well set ears, lovely dark eye, excellent teeth and strong jaw, very well laid shoulders, level topline and good tail set.

Has enough rear angulation and moved with drive.

           JD (1,0)

 1. Mrs J Howle : Dinglebrook I can – Turned 12 months yesterday, he’s a very typy youngster and presents a pleasing outline, Good skull and width between the ears which were well set,

strong bite, good length of neck flowing to very level and firm topline, has a good tail set but

was curling his tail over a touch, straight front when stood but needs to tighten, really good

drive from the rear.


            PGD (1,0)​

1. Mr A R & Mrs AI Challenger ; Rowanrae Dream Come True – A nice youngster coming

into maturity and presented in good order with a lovely hard, thick jacket. Fits the standard

well for size and proportions, he has good bone and substance, lovely well shaped dark eye, straight front , well sprung ribs and chest well let down, good rear angulation and moved

with drive.


OD (5,0)

1.Ch Zippor Sleepy Sappireson at Letara – A superb example of the breed.

Standing in profile he just looks the part and in excellent proportions. Masculine through

and through with ample bone and substance. Has a lovely head and expression, powerful jaw

and strong teeth, neck of good length flowing into level topline and well set tail with enough

behind, has well sprung ribs and good depth of chest, good rear angulation. He moved freely in profile and covered the ground well, holding his topline, he goes away and comes towards true. Presented in excellent coat and condition. I was pleased to award him best male and Best in Show.

2 Mrs M Evans : Ch Nileda Our Mutual Friend – Another powerful masculine dog right out of the top drawer and a pleasure to go over. He was right up there and pushing for the top spot,

presented in excellent coat and condition. Super clean head, dark eye, he has a long and powerful jaw with good dentition, you can feel the strength and muscles in his neck, well laid shoulders and straight topline just a touch longer cast than first, powerful and straight front, with good depth of chest, lovely free flowing movement going away and coming towards.

3 Miss C Jones : Nileda Mister Joe

4 Ms S Pawson & Mr E Mantle : Gelodnea Dylan



            PB (2,0)

1, Mr A & Mrs J Moakes : Whooperhill Sleepinbeauty of Jomoaka – A really promising puppy to go over, she is feminine with enough bone and substance, liked her head which was slightly domed and of good width, good ears which are set well. Enough length of neck into

well placed shoulders, level topline, she has a good spring of rib and lovely turn of stifle,

moving freely around the ring with plenty of drive from behind. Best Puppy in show.

2 Miss I Barney & Mr S Lewis : Nomis No Looking Back – And all to look forward to with

this one. She too is a very promising young lady and has a lovely outline, feminine head lovely eye shape which gives a pleasing expression, good length of neck, well laid shoulders and level topline, wasn’t using her tail all of the time, she moved true and covered the ground well, just needs to progress and mature and feel she has a bright future.


            JB (1,0)

1. Miss Z Parker : Dinglebrook Heart and Soul – Litter sister to the junior dog winner, only just out of puppy and still very much a baby, a lovely feminine head dark eye of good shape and size, has a good width of skull and well shaped ears, very straight topline, she just needs time to mature and for her coat to come on. She moved very freely and covered the ground.


              NB (1,0)

1. Mr M & Mrs J Westbrook : Magembay Mulan - A very happy and showy girl, has a very

sweet expression and very good head proportions with good strong teeth, medium length of neck, could be slightly stronger in topline, lovely tail carriage which she held at all times, she has a decent depth of chest, moved well especially her rear movement which was true and

had drive.

         PGB (2,0)

1. Mr A R & Mrs A I Challenger : Rowanrae Like a Dream – A lovely bitch who is typical of

the breed, she scores for size and type and much more mature than 2 nd , has enough substance

but retains her femininity, slightly domed head, well set ears, powerful jaw and strong teeth, flows from neck to well set tail, moved really well too.

2 Mr M & Mrs J Westbrook : Magembay Mulan

               LB (3,2)

1.Mrs V Smith : Grevenia Higwen Amber Queen – She has a super outline and is lovely to go over.

Very good head proportions, well shaped dark eye which gave a pleasing expression, super neck and shoulders, she also had one of the straightest fronts on the day, good depth of chest and well

sprung ribs, level topline and well set tail, moved well with drive. Presented and handled to advantage.


             OB (3,0)

1 Mr L & D Bettis : Ch Nunneley Hopscotch Over Ornella JW – A young eye catching and

stylish bitch of good overall proportions and balanced throughout, lovely head and

expression, strong and powerful jaw, has an excellent topline and tail set, straight front with

plenty of heart room and well ribbed, in excellent coat and condition she moved effortlessly

with reach and drive from behind. Best bitch and Res Best in show.

2 Mrs J Wannacott : Ch Jacott Sunshine – Another super bitch to go over and a very close

decision in this class. Of slightly smaller build than first and very feminine throughout yet

retaining bone and substance, she also has a super head and expression, with good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, level topline with well set on tail, good quarters with plenty behind, well presented and in good coat. Moved true going away and back.

3 Mrs V Smith : Dudwell Golden Girl Gwenny at Grevenia

              VB (2,1)

Mrs M Evans : Ch Nileda Great Expectations ShCM – Had to check the age on this show girl and certainly doesn’t look or act like a 9 year old. In super coat and condition and so

easy go over, lovely feminine head, dark eye, she has a strong and powerful jaw, clean

muscular neck of good length flowing into well placed shoulders, straight topline and

excellent tail set, moved really well around the ring holding her topline firm.

Junior Handling – 6-11 years

1 Aneira Challenger - Had her hands full at times but was calm and did a really good job

presenting her charge. Positioning well on the table and then moving at the correct speed to show

the movement to advantage. Well done !

 Judge Mr.  Mick Oxley Best of Breed&Reserve Best of Breed,Best Puppy ,Best Veteran

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