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 Sealyham Terrier Club
Open Show 2022

       Judge: Mrs 

       25th September                2022

         BEST OF                        BREED :
Ch Zippor Sleepy Sapphireson at Letara

        Best Dog  :
Ch Zippor Sleepy Sapphireson at Letara
      Res Dog  :  
Ch Nileda Our Mutual Friend 

         Best Bitch :  
Nunneley Hopscotch over Ornella

      Res Bitch :
 Wonnacott, Ch Jacott Sunshine

       Best Puppy :
  Rowanrae Dream           Come True

       Best Veteran:
CH Nileda Great Expectations Sh Ch

Best Junior Handler:

  Aneira Challenger

I would like to thank the committee for their kind invitation to judge at this prestigious club. This is a breed close to my heart and I enjoyed every minute of my day. I had many quality dogs to judge and would like to thank the exhibitors for bringing them. All temperaments were excellent. I was splitting hairs with the bitches, which could change places on another day. 



Challenger’s Rowanrae Dream Come True –handsome pup 7 months of age, sired by my Best in Show winner. Such a promising youngster with good head and expression, body developing nicely, sympathetically handled and moved really well for one so young, good luck with him – BPD, BPIS


         PGD (1,0)

 1st Crang’s Lushell Gwyn Cariad – 19 months old, up to size with ample coat, this dog has plenty of substance with good head proportions, dark eye with pigmented eye rims, well placed ears and muscular neck, moved ok





              LD (2,1)


1st James’ Nileda Mister Joe – well balanced sound moving dog with good head and expression, well ribbed body, level topline, nice body proportions, excellent harsh wiry coat, nicely presented and in good condition

          OD (4,1)

1st Bell’s Ch Zippor Sleepysapphireson at Letara – top quality male and can understand why he is a big winner, well balanced, super head and ears, good front, strong muscular neck, well bodied, level topline, powerful quarters, stylish sound mover with ring presence, well handled and beautifully presented  BD, BOB, BIS

2nd Evans’ Ch Nileda Our Mutual Friend – Another lovely exhibit of different type, a worthy champion, presenting a lovely outline, correct domed skull, gorgeous expression, ample bone and substance, good bone and substance, good proportions, well presented and moved well both ways RBD

3rd Wonnacott’s Jacott Dancers Welsh Wizard ShCM

Junior Handling 6-11 years 

 1st Aneira Challenger – this 10 year old well mannered young lady tried her best to present her dog to best advantage and did a great job handling a lively puppy. She remained calm and worked well with her dog. With practice, a promising young handler. Well done.

             MPB (1,0)

 1st Challenger’s Rowanrae Like A Dream – feminine 7 month old of correct size and shape, pleasing head and expression, good shoulders, well ribbed, level topline, tail well set, wiry coat coming through, playful on the move, but moved well when settled BPB

            PB (1,1)

            JB (3,1)

1st Bettis’ Nunneley Hopscotch Over Ornella – quality young bitch, full of substance with good proportions, lovely head and expression, broad deep chest, well ribbed, level topline, well set tail, muscular hindquarters, excellent coat and presentation, she showed with confidence and moved effortlessly around the ring with drive BB, RBIS 

2nd Smith’s Grevenia Higwen Amber Queen – another lovely bitch, very promising and maturing well, of correct size and type, she has a feminine head ,  good reach of neck and well laid shoulders, level topline, harsh coat texture and presented to advantage, moved well when settled

         PGB (2,1)

1st Bettis’ Nunneley Hopscotch Over Ornella – as above

               LB (4,2)

1st Bettis’ Nunneley Hopscotch Over Ornella – as above  

2nd Trezise-Dundas’ Firstwish Ara- feminine bitch of good proportions, pleasing head, dark eye, well set ears, good neck and level topline, deep brisket but needs more substance through body, correct tailset, harsh coat texture, moved well

             OB (1,0)

1st Wonnacott’s Ch Jacott Sunshine – a worthy champion, loved her head and expression, dark eye, well placed ears, lovely neck and shoulders, good angulations, well ribbed, muscular hindquarters, harsh wiry coat. Well presented and moved brisklywith confidence RBB

              VB (2,1)

1st Evans’ Ch Nileda Great Expectations ShCM – 8 year old bitch, belies her years, looked very well in great condition, beautiful head and expression, liked her overall balance and proportions, showed and moved well BVIS 

2nd Trezise-Dundas’ Cibach Carys at Firstwish – pretty bitch of good size, pleasing head, in super condition for her 11 years, she had a lovely texture to her coat, moved soundly, a credit to her owner


Trezise-Dundas’ Firstwish Ara, Cibach Carys at Firstwish – moved together well around the ring and a well matched pair - Best Brace


     The Keith Hanham Memorial Open Stakes (2,1)


 1st Smith’s Grevenia Higwen Amber Queen – as JB

Best of Breed&Reserve Best of Breed and Best Veteran

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