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Sealyham Terrier Club
Championship  Show 2022

   Judge: Mr.  Neil Straw (Shaolin)

        24th April                         2022

         BEST OF                        BREED :
Oulton & Fourie's Whooperhill So Charming

        Dog CC :
Bettis, Ch Ornella Country Living ShCM.
      Res Dog CC :  
Bell, Zippor Sleepy Sapphireson 

         Bitch CC :  
Oulton & Fourie's Whooperhill So Charming

      Res Bitch CC:
 Wonnacott, Ch Jacott Sunshine

       Best Puppy :
Smith's Grevenia Higwen Amber Queen

       Best Veteran:
Trezise-Dundas Cibach Cary's AT Firstwish

  I would like to thank the Officer's & Committee for the invitation to judge the Club Championship Show, held over from 2022.  The exhibitor's for a lovely entry and to my steward Mr & Mrs Moakes.  The prize cards and rosettes looked splendid with extra's.  Please to give 'specials' for all the main winners.  We were blessed with lovely weather.  Sealyham Terrier's are an engaging breed with a great outlook, charming character's and super tempraments. It was a joy to be amongst you today and thank you for bringing your dogs..


            SB DORB (1)


1 Hemstocks JOLIHEM BEAU BOY, well grown 8mth d, balanced head, ear set ok, good bone, well ribbed, strong quarters, well padded feet, good outline when stacked but unsure of himself on the move, coat not at it's best, needs more ring confidence, which should come on maturity

           PD (1,0)


           JD (2,0)


2. Crang's LUSHELL GWYN CARIAD, clean skull dark eye, good muzzle, moderate neck, not the topline as 1, well muscled quarters, neat feet, new jacket coming through, could move with more verve to complete the overall picture

              MD (1,0)


            PGD (2,0)​

1. Forkes-Rees PAKYNHYL TREAK CLIFF, masculine head, well set ears, strong muzzle & dentition, ample bone, well sprung ribs, firm loin, well defined muscled quarters, parallel hocks, well padded feet, movement free flowing,

2. Lee's ORNELLA CHOCOLATE ORANGE, another well balanced d of good breed type, clean in skull, dark well shaped eye, strong muzzle & bite, tidy front assembly, good ribbing to strong loin, sound quarters & low set hocks, well presented coat just not a free on the move as 1.


              LD (2,1)

1. James NILEDA MISTER JOE, lovely d of good breed type, well balanced head, dark eye, good pigment, muzzle & bite, moderate neck, ribs carried well back to firm loin, well muscled quarters & low set hocks, moved out well fore & aft, well presented jacket



          OD (4,1)

1. 3 dogs of excellent breed type, 1, CC & RBIS Bettis CH ORNELLA COUNTRY LIVING Sh Cex, understand I gave this d BOB & BPIB at a Ch Show at 8 mths old, it was very pleasing to judge him again as a mature d, and to see the final result of that early potential I saw in him that day, fills the eye in outline, lovely head, well set ears, strong bite, good pigment, lovely front, moderate neck, good layback, well ribbed, firm loin, good tail set, super outline and well balanced on the move, presented to perfection, just lost the edge in the challenge for BIS, loved him 5 yrs ago and still do,

2 & RCC, Bells ZIPPOR SLEEPY SAPPHIRESON AT LETARA, understand that this d had recently been attacked, did not show any signs of this going over him on the table, lovely d to go over, well balanced head, dark well shaped eye, good dentition & forechest, good run-in & layback, good ribbing, strong loin, well muscled quarters, low set parallel hocks, well presented jacket of good texture, lovely outline, today did not give of his best on the move a lovely d nonetheless,


             MPB (1,0)

 1 & BPIS Smith's GREVENIA HIGWEN AMBER QUEEN, lovely b for size, tan head markings, good ear set, well shaped eye, strong muzzle & bite, ample bone, ribs carried well back, sound quarters, good topline & coat texture, well padded feet, moved with purpose fore & aft, so well balanced in profile should do well

            PB (2,0)

1, Bettis NUNNELEY HOPSCOTCH OVER ORNELLA, another quality b from this exhibitor, well grown for 8 mths, well proportioned head with tan markings, dark eye, good muzzle & bite, tidy front, good ribbing to firm loin, low set parallel hocks, well presented jacket,

2, Cassidy's FULLICAR MRS MANN, raw puppy, balanced head, dark eye, ok for bone, ribs carried well back, rear angulation good to low set hocks, well padded feet, just needs more time to develop and gain more confidence on the move


            JB (1,0)


             MB (1,0)



              NB (1,0)

1. Roberts LADELER PEPPY OF WREXHAM, young b still maturing, clean in head, well placed ears, dark eye, correct bite, ok for bone, well ribbed, firm loin, well angualted quarters, low set hocks, a tad short of coat on the day, tends to lose her topline when stacked, moved soundly out & back 

         PGB (2,0)


2, Parker's WHITECAPISLA TIFFINTIME, well proportioned head, dark eye, could use her ears to advantage, ample bone, ribs carried well back, strong loin, low set hocks, in between coats today lacked verve on the move

               LB (4,1)

1. CC & BIS, Oulton & Fourie's WHOOPERHILL SO CHARMING, outgoing b with lovely character, well balanced b, blue head markings, dark well shaped eye, good pigment & front assembly, good ribbing, level topline maintained at all times, well angulated quarters, neat padded feet, moved with purpose & drive, super outline in profile, delighted to award her the CC, her 3rd, congratulations,

2,Smith's DUDWELL GOLDEN GIRL GWEENY AT GREVENIA, another well balanced b, lovely head piece, well placed ears, good pigment, strong muzzle & bite, moderate neck, well ribbed to firm loin, tail set on, well muscled quarters, low set hocks, moved & showed well, lovely coat texture,

3, Trezise-Dundas FIRSTWISH ARA


             OB (3,0)

1 & RCC Wonnacott's CH JACOTT SUNSHINE, b of quality, good outline,

balanced Sun head, good muzzle & bite, ample bone, moderate neck, good spring of rib, firm loin, well mucsled quarters, low set hocks used well on the move, beautiful coat,

 2. Oulton & Fourie's AM GCH, AM CH WHOOPERHILL AMERICAN CELEBRATION (Imp USA), mature b, tan head markings, well proportioned head, strong muzzle & bite, ample bone, ribs carried well back, good rear end & tail set, low set hocks, well padded feet, moved freely fore & aft

3 Hampson's SAORE ON A SUNSHINE HIGH (Imp Ita)

              VB (2,1)

1 & BVIS Trezise-Dundas CIBACH CARYS AT FIRSTWISH, at 11 yrs still has a good outline, head well balanced, ok for bone, good ribbing, sound quarters, well presented jacket, moved soundly fore & aft

 Judge Mr.  Neil Straw, Best of Breed&Reserve Best of Breed,Best Puppy ,Best Veteran

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