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Welcome to the Sealyham Terrier Club

The  Club is the oldest established dedicated to Sealyham Terriers,

 known as the Parent Club of the breed. 

Originally established on the 8th January 1908 by sportsmen in Pembrokeshire, to further interest in the breed.

"To nurture, protect and promote the Sealyham Terriers in the United Kingdom"

Our aim is to bring together like minded people who have a love for the breed, whether that be through events, education, welfare or health initiatives. Whilst the club has adapted to meet the needs of today, the original purpose of the club at registration remains unchanged:

  •  To maintain and protect the breed type according to the Sealyham Terrier Breed standard approved by the Kennel Club.

  •  To promote sensible breeding of the Sealyham Terrier with regard to type, soundness and temperament. The club recommends code of practice for breeders and all members should abide by this.

  •  To provide assistance to breeders and new owners; to provide information to prospective owners on the breed. 

  • Supporting shows, educating judges and creating interest in the breed. 

Club Membership

We are a happy bunch of           Sealyham enthusiasts.                 We encourage owners, potential owners and anyone with an interest in this fantastic breed to become members – whether your interest is in showing your dog or just having fun, everyone is welcome to join. 


Interested in learning more about the breed? Find out about the history of the Sealyham Terrier, its key characteristics, the breed standard and more. 

If you are looking to find out information on puppies, rescue we've got you covered.


The Sealyham Terrier Club hosts two events a year for its members and owners of Sealyham's.

Join us for Sealyham fun filled days. 


No upcoming events at the moment

Complete the contact form below and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.​​

 For puppy enquiries please refer to the information provided on our dedicated page as well as on the Kennel Club website.


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If you have a question about the club or membership you can contact the Secretary, Vitalija Smith on

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