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The Sealyham Club Rescue

Champ who had been rescued from Ireland enjoying his day out !   Photo © Len Bettis 


  One of the objects of The Sealyham Terrier Club is to protect the breed and also to render all assistance possible to owners, breeders and exhibitors of Sealyham Terriers.

  We always try to be sympathetic to all circumstances but our main aim is to ensure that the dogs best interests are at the heart of the resolution .

  The breed rescue and welfare coordinators are extremely knowledgeable and well supported by the various breed clubs.

  Should you need the Sealyham Terrier Rehome Co-ordinator assistance their details are below:

  Mrs Margaret Beale

  Tel: 01953 498707

Below is a story  of the Sealyham Terrier we rehomed.

Sealyham Rescue

I lost my darling Border Collie in January 2005. Six months later I decided to look for a rescue dog as Jenna, my little Labrador cross, who is 14, was still with me and missed Lizzie as much as I did. I contacted Sealyham Rescue and eventually was the owner of the best Sealyham Terrier ever! Her kennel name is Leconfield Letitia so I continued calling her Lettie. She was nearly 3 years old and had had one litter of three puppies. She settled in very quickly and I only had her on the long lead for two days; she never left us.


She has a fun-loving nature and is wonderful with children, people and other dogs. I belong to the Lewes & District Dog Training Society and help with the puppy classes, which I love, so I enrolled her in the next puppy class with me. She passed the Kennel Club Bronze award at the end of the course. She even sat for her minute stay beautifully and was so good when a large Husky broke his stay and bounced on her! She is very clever too. A year a go a little Jack Russell came into our lives, called Sally. She had been abused for 15 years and is very deaf. Before she was accustomed to my voice she tended to wander off the wrong way on our walks. Lettie went after her, turned her round and brought her back. At first I thought this was coincidence but she has subsequently repeated the same thing.


Lettie seems to look after Jenna as well as Sally. I have noticed that when I come home after shopping Lettie is always at the front door. After she has greeted me she runs off and fetches the other two dogs as they cannot hear me Another endearing thing she does is grin! She started doing this when I came home after being in hospital for three days having a new knee.

I get very upset when I hear that Sealyhams are among the British dogs becoming endangered as so many people now buy foreign dogs. Since having Lettie I have become a huge fan of Sealyhams and collect anything connected with them, As far as I am concerned she is the epitome of a perfect little dog.

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