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We wish to thank you for contacting The Sealyham Terrier Club with your desire to find a puppy. Sadly due to Covid-19 there has been a dramatic reduction in puppies available from reputable breeders we are therefore overwhelmed with requests by prospective owners to find puppies.

The Club are aware that increasing prices and ‘scams’ are becoming commonplace when purchasing puppies, particularly where litters are found online and parties are unknown to each other and not coming via a personal recommendation. Prices do vary, and that is to be expected but if you are being asked to pay far over the average then consider your options. Increased price does not necessarily guarantee quality or health. It is always best to speak to a breed club regarding puppies as they usually can advise of current or upcoming litters from reputable breeders.

This list was updated on 10/03/2021

Please note: This list is published as a form of advertising and as such the adverts are placed by individual breeders. To comply with the GDPR requirements, please note that your request and payment of the fee is your permission for the Club to print your details on the list, but you can ask to opt out of this if you so wish. Members only may advertise their litters on this page.

 If you wish to add your details to the club puppy waiting list please contact The Club Secretary, Janet Wonnacott by email: jacottsealyhams@outlook.com or  ​Tel: 01646698786. 

The choice / decision and responsibility is entirely down to the purchaser 



“Sorry. There are no Sealyham Terrier litters available at this time. Please keep an eye on our website for any updates.” 







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