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  After the First World War,  in both the UK and the United States, the popularity of Sealyham Terriers surged where the stars from Hollywood, made the Sealyham a desirable breed to own. 

The  Sealyham terriers owners  list are endless with some great names, such as Humphrey Bogart, Jane Russell,  Deborah Carr,  Edith Madeline Carroll, a tennis player Helen Wills Moody and  even the writer Agatha Christie had owned one. 

      Hitchcock's Sealyham Terriers

Alfred Hitchcock with Sealyham Terrier


Alfred Hitchcock  is known to have owned four Sealyhams    in his lifetime -            

 Mr.Jenkins, Geoffrey, Stanley  and Sarah.

 In his film Suspicion in 1941, one of his Sealyhams made a guest appearance. 

Film " The Birds "

Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock

In the 1963 film The Birds, director Hitchcock, during a cameo appearance can be seen walking his two Sealyham terriers Geoffrey and Stanley out of a shop as Tippi Hedren enters. Producer Hilton A. Green, said, “… those dogs ate better than most people in the world. I mean, he would go to the store and get the finest cut of meat and have them ground it up for these dogs. They were wonderful! He would bring them to work. They would be in his office, and he loved them dearly.

    In the 2012 movie "Hitchcock" we can see sealyhams appear along with Sir Anthony Hopkins and Dame Helen Mirren.

"Hitchcock" movie 2012

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